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Exercise my life: 25 years working in the field of Healthy Lifestyle

This document is published to celebrate my 25th working anniversary in the field of exercise and healthy lifestyle promotion. I started my career on October 5th 1990 as freelance advisor at the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare, and Sports in the Netherlands. 

After two years I took an appointment at the Netherlands Institute for Sports and Health (NISG). Three years later, in 1995 I was transferred to TNO Quality of Life, where I worked for exactly 10 years. After my research period at TNO, I decided to work more in the field, and so I made a transfer to the Health institute NIGZ. It  was also working in my home town Woerden, so instead of 90 minutes by train, I only needed to cycle ten minutes up-and-down to the NIGZ. 


From 2012 till 2014 I worked at Livelife,  before I decided to start my own company Vitaal Aktief (Dutch expression for ‘Powerfully Active’). That is where I am working at this moment. This document offers an overview of the highlights of my work in the field of a Healthy Lifestyle.

Vitaal Aktief (VA) wishes to support the mission of the Dutch government: to  improve a healthy and an active lifestyle in the population. VA aims to increase the sports- and physical activity participation and healthy nutrition of the population, and we also aim at the improvement of the social participation in society. VA does this by support of national, regional, and local organizations, and initiatives. Through this mission VA carries out the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of healthy lifestyle interventions;
  • Monitoring en evaluation of lifestyle interventions;
  • Consultancy of organizations in the area of healthy lifestyle.

The main target groups for Vital Active  are all age-groups (from 0-100-plus), with specific attention on the Elderly / seniors. The following groups are targeted: low socio-economic status groups (low SES), people who are physically inactive and/or have overweight. We aim at the following settings:  work, sports clubs, the community, and health organizations. We mainly collaborate with intermediary organizations.

We pay special attention to the social activation of the social environment of the population at risk; and apply the work of  lifestyle ambassadors.

For more information take contact with Maarten Stiggelbout, PhD

see ‘Contact’ or phone ++31 634443230

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